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Rent out your villa at Tenerife for film production

Villas that served as a film location sell faster at higher prices!

Your villa - the next film location on Tenerife?

Want to let us "cast" your villa and learn more about renting out for film productions?

Klick on the button and send us the most impressive fotos from your villa. Movie production companies are especially interested in locations with breathtaking views, (infinity) pools, garden and impressive interior.

We speak English, German and Spanish.

Are you a location scout or producer looking for a villa at Tenerife for shooting?
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The popularity of Tenerife as a film location rises

Therefore film production companies are desparetly searching for unique locations to shoot

  • Movies
  • TV Series (Netflix, amazon etc.)
  • TV Shows
  • Music videos
  • Documentations

But they also need accommodations for the actors, producers and artists, who sometimes prefer the privacy of a home to living in a hotel. This is especially if they shoot for a longer period of time and are accomponied by their family, like Penelope Cruz at Gran Canaria.

Your villa seen by millions!

What's the key benefit for you renting out your villa for a film production event?

So if it is not (only) for the extra money you'll get from the film production company for letting them shoot their movie or show, what is the key benefit for you?

Villas that provided the setting for a cinema, tv or music video production increase in value.

So, if you can prove, that some famous actress relaxed on your pool in a certain movie or an artist dined at your table in a TV series, it makes your home even more attractive for potential buyers (or rent, if you provide some AirBnB or similar).

And sometimes it happens, that even celebrities of the film business are looking for a home to buy and stay in for the winter, like Lana Wachowsky in 2022.

Now, does this get you excited to add some additional value to your house AND getting paid for it?

Lana Wachowsky Tenerife
Let's make your home become a desired property for film producers and / or buyers

TV and real estate experience you can trust

Before Nicole Sentis became a real estate agent she directed and managed TV shows in Germany and USA for several years.

She was involved in the production of some very successful TV, art, fashion and charity shows in Germany, Los Angeles and San Francisco and provided VIP Service for some of the well known stars and even Oscar winners.

This makes her the perfect agent for getting you connected with the right film producers or buyers.

Looking forward to providing you the best experience when renting out your villa or selling it.