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Dennis Seitz

Consulting Approach

Professional advice for all your mortgages. I support you in the choice of the real estate loan, so that the financing is optimally tailored to your personal life situation and planning.
My approach is to develop tailor-made financing. The range of financing offers is greater than ever - and every single form of financing has its own advantages and disadvantages, which I would like to explain to you. Taking account of your needs, we develop the appropriate financing concept, in which, for example, we optimally structure your equity capital and fine-tune the interest rate commitment.
After the concept of mortgage lending stands, the interest rate comparison follows. Current mortgage rates are evaluated by more than 300 banks, building societies and insurers. This gives me access to excellent loan conditions.

Work Experience

Benefit from my many years of experience in the financial industry. In 2010, I specialized in building finance and have been concentrating on this area ever since.

Other Notes:

It does not matter if you want to build a house or buy an apartment - together we will find the appropriate mortgage lending. Likewise I support you gladly with the financing of investment objects or the search for a low-interest follow-up financing.
One of my areas of expertise is the promotion of home ownership. I would be happy to check for you which funding is available on the market. Hereby I do not limit myself to the usual promotional loans of the KfW. It also checks whether the integration of state subsidies is possible and that pays off for you.

Main Business

Construction Financing

Financing for the purchase of a property

Financing for the construction of a property

Repayment of real estate loans

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