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It is advantageous to hire a real estate agent who is always at your side. The rules in Tenerife are different when buying a property, as the rules that you know from Germany. The processes can be very time consuming and exhausting. Furthermore, you can hire your consultant to find the right property for you without spending hours on the Internet. An agent usually also has access to off-market and exclusive properties that are not publicly available on the internet.

Of course, you have the free choice of how many property consultants you want to contact. We advise you not to hire more than 2 or 3 agents. With us you can save even, because we cooperate with all agents. Among other things, we have scouts who are just trying to find your dream home. Even if you cannot find them on our website, we can help you find them efficiently.

Yes, we advise every customer to hire a lawyer (Abogado) for additional legal security. For contract drafts, due diligence, or other Spanish bureaucracies, a lawyer is very helpful. Spain offers very high legal certainty when it comes to purchasing real estate, but without a lawyer, unexpected costs can arise if the buyer has not complied with certain processes or documents have not been audited. The cost of a lawyer varies, depending on the services you use. Mostly the lawyers charge 1% of the purchase price.

We work with a German company specializing in the processing of mortgage loans and other financial products. You can get the best bank conditions through the service provider. Please have a look under NIMA HOMES FINANCES.

An NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) number is a Spanish Foreigners Identity Number. All foreigners who have professional, social or economic interests in Spain receive a foreign identity number. The NIE number is an important document that must always be stated in applications, formalities, account opening, contracts (rent, mobile phone), employment contracts, etc. This number also serves as a tax number (NIF – Número de Identificación Fiscal).

You can apply for the NIE number at a Spanish consulate, at a police station (Dirección General de la Polícia y de la Guardia Civil) or through a mediator (Gestor).

Energy certificate

Since June 1. 2013 all Properties in Spain, for sale or for rent (long term rental from 4 months) are committed to have an energy certificate.

The Energy Certificate gives information on the energy needs of the particular property and should also include a letter of recommendation to improve the energy efficiency. This energy certificate shall be valid for 10 years after issuance und can be issued by an architect, an engineer or a foreman (technical architect) with relevant educational and professional qualifications.

If you are planning to sell or to rent out your villa or your apartment in Tenerife, it is imperative to have an energy certificate for your property. If you do not have an energy certificate when you rent out your property in Tenerife, there may lead substantial fines of up to 3.000,- Euro and if you are planning to sell, the notary will request it, to write the escritura.

Subdivision of the energy efficiency classes

Before an energy certificate is issued, your property will be checked on their energy efficiency. The most attention will be put to the insulation, ventilation, heating and lighting. Finally, an efficiency level between A and G (see chart) assigned as you already know it from your household appliances.

Properties whose values are close to the energy efficiency class A, can consume up to 85% less energy than the low efficiency class G. This energy classification increases the market value of a property on Tenerife (be it purchase / sale or rent) crucial.

Overview of costs for the creation of an energy passport

The costs of energy certification vary and depend mainly on the type of object (house or apartment) and the living area of your property. The costs of an energy certificate, are only for orientation and are subject to 6,5% IGIC (VAT).