Spectacular finca in Icod with stunning sea views! Sale

Spectacular finca of 98,000 m2, in El Riego, in Icod el Alto, Los Realejos.

The finca is located in a very natural and peaceful environment, only 300 meters above sea level and with stunning views of the sea and the north coast of Tenerife. There are 2 refurbished houses, 300m2, which are over 100 years old. Also there are more demolished houses with the possibility of being rehabilitated. In addition to that is there a wine press, where the wine gets elaborated in an artisan way and a wine cellar where it is stored. The water comes directly from a gallery (San Borondón), every two weeks there is three and a half days of water. This water is stored in the different ponds that the finca has, it has a total of four ponds. This water is potable and suitable for human consumption, it is tested once a year and there are also two tanks to store it. It is very well maintained and cultivated. The main crops are: Vine: from which gets 20,000 liters obtained annually, between white and red wine. Oranges: about 30,000 kg of oranges are harvested annually. Avocados: about 10,000 kg of avocados are harvested annually, also other fruit trees and various vegetables, in smaller quantities lemon trees, guava trees, plum trees, nispereros, tangerine trees, pumpkins, zucchini, onions, yams, chayotas. It has an automatic drip irrigation system installed, with timer.



Property ID: NH-45 Area size: 300 Land size: 98000